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Doctor Consultation and counselling

<p>With the development in the Health business, the requirement for well-being meetings and mindfulness has likewise been expanding. Specialists on Call will support the patients in Nepal.</p>

Salina home care is providing the best possible medical service at your home. We make sure that you and your family is getting the best medical service because we know what family means to you. We comprehend that occasionally in any event, getting the opportunity to visit specialists at the clinic or some other spot is troublesome, however, need. It tends to be because of the Patient's physical or potentially mental un-status to visit the medical clinic. For this condition, we figure out how to carry Doctor with related specialization to visit the patient's home. 


The meeting specialist analyzes the patient and give vital criticism and direction with respect to safety measures and step that should be taken by Patient and their family for a superior state of Patient.

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