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Who We Are When our health gets compromised because of aging, disability, or illness, we gradually lose independence. Many people are forced to be admitted into care facilities so that they may receive care and support during their frail health. While these options may be generally practiced and accepted, it also potentially voids the quality of life. At Salina Home Care, we offer you and your family a way to stay together at home for as long as possible. Receive your needed care in the comfort of your homes. Our major goal is to meet the patient’s medical needs in nurturing the environment of their home, reduce the impact of their condition while respecting the role of the family in our patient’s care process. With the team of highly qualified medical personnel, Salina Home Care is now delivering health care at the doorsteps in different cities in Nepal. Salina Home Care provides the much-needed care for your loved one with the proper mix of expertise, flexibility, and compassion that they need.

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