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Health Care for Family

When our health gets compromised because of aging, disability, or illness, we gradually lose independence. Many people are forced to be admitted into care facilities so that they may receive care and support during their frail health. While these options may be generally practiced and accepted, it also potentially voids the quality of life.

  • The elderly, The Household. The disabled, The family caregiver
  • Those with chronic and terminal illnesses.
  • Those who are recovering from actual illness and surgeries.
  • Those who are mentally and emotionally handicapped.
  • Those seeking assistance with outdoor maintenance.

Salina Home care serves to give patients the personal home care they need for them to continue to live a dignified and independent life in the comfort of their homes. We begin by assigning and understanding our patients’ individual needs and meet those needs through selectively assigning qualified, trustworthy, and compassionate home care aides. Salina Home Care holds great pride in keeping our clients’ health quality of lie and well being central in the design and delivery of our services. Our services can prevent re-hospitalization, postponed institutionalization, and reduce the need for urgent care. 

Salina Homecare is committed to providing the highest quality of home care services in Nepal. Our nurses are experienced in helping families to eliminate worry, reduce stress, and ensure personal freedom.

Our Departments

We have wide range of Health Care Services:

Doctors on Call

<p>The best part about in-home specialist administration is you will be treated in the solace of your home, encompassed by your relatives. The service is best for the old ones and the ills who are quite unable to visit hospitals.</p>

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Nursing Services

<p>What might be far superior to realizing that your adored one has been 24-hour in-home consideration, with day-and-night support, guaranteeing their well being, security, and solace. We provide Best nursing service with certified Nurses.&nbsp;</p>

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<p>Through Doctors on Call all around prepared Physiotherapists will visit their patients at home to give the broad scope of treatment. We can give physiotherapy administration in your home. We provide the best service with the best personals.</p>

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Home Sample Pickup Lab Test

<p>We have the most grounded groups in pathology through ability and capacity speculation to nd and advance continually to guarantee our patients approach the best in demonstrative innovation. Salina Home Care is providing the best of it.&nbsp;</p>

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Elderly Care

<p>To think about the individuals who once thought about us is probably the most elevated respect.&rdquo; With this thought, we free the most ideal approach to help a mature or old cherished one. Salina Home Care service is best for the elders.&nbsp;</p>

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Doctor Consultation and counselling

<p>With the development in the Health business, the requirement for well-being meetings and mindfulness has likewise been expanding. Specialists on Call will support the patients in Nepal.</p>

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Message from Chairman

Salina Home Care is to provide the best medical service during any conditions because COVID-19 taught us that the most and the foremost thing to take care of are our Health. With a single phone call, you will get the best medical service at home.

No need to visit Hospitals for Minor health checkup. We are taking the hospital to your home so that you can get the best medical service. The greatest concern of today's time is Health and we are providing the best possible medical service at home.

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